Cosmetics formulated with high percentages of pure organic snail slime

We are committed to selecting the best formulations for the creation of our products in order to guarantee their effectiveness and your well-being.

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Our history

Greenlab Heliciculture was born in 2019, after various studies the decision was to focus on something innovative but which at the same time respected nature; snail farming is the perfect combination.

The famous snail slime has infinite beneficial properties, being rich in collagen, elastin, peptides, proteins, glycolic acid, vitamins A, C and E : it has healing properties, in fact it promotes wound repair and slows down skin aging, it has anti-wrinkle as it stimulates the production of elastic fibers; it has a purifying and anti-acne effect and thanks to vitamin C it is an antioxidant.

So we asked ourselves: Why look in chemicals for what you can get from nature?

This is why we decided to create a skin care line with our snail slime as the main ingredient of the formulations.

By having our raw material analyzed at the University of Siena, we had exceptional feedback on the quality and high quantity of active ingredients compared to burrs extracted with machinery.

What are you waiting for then? Discover our products.

All the products

Dr. Elena Favilli, Certaldo Pharmacies

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  • Dry and cracked skin

    If your skin needs nourishment and hydration, the ideal product for you is our moisturizing day FACE CREAM formulated with 85% pure organic snail slime. A very nourishing but at the same time light cream, it absorbs easily and does not unge.Perfect combined with our face serum.

  • Psoriasis, scars, herpes and spots

    A product we are really proud of is our PURE BAVA SERUM , a completely natural product not manipulated in the laboratory. Indicated for the solution of problems such as psoriasis, herpes, scars, acne problems and skin spots. The soothing sensation on the skin is instantaneous and this gives a lot of relief in the most critical periods of the skin. Despite the purity of the slime, the effect is not aggressive, but delicate and effective.

  • Wrinkles, signs of aging and spots

    Our weapon against the ravages of time. Our FACE SERUM is formulated with a percentage higher than 92% of pure Greenlab snail slime, such a high quantity of active ingredient in synergy with other selected elements makes the product unique in its kind, improving and eliminating any spots and scars, with a strong anti-ageing action on wrinkles and signs of aging. Try it combined with our Day Face Cream.

  • Stretch marks and inelastic skin

    The properties of Greenlab snail slime combined with the moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid make our BODY CREAM a truly exceptional product to make the skin more elastic and hydrated. Furthermore, the healing properties of snail slime favor the disappearance of stretch marks. Increase the restorative power of our body cream with a few drops of our pure slime serum at the time of application, a surprising effect.

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A miraculous beauty ingredient.

A true panacea for beauty, snail slime is rich in collagen, elastin, peptides, proteins, glycolic acid, vitamins A and E; has properties:

- healing, promoting wound repair and slowing down skin aging;

- anti-wrinkle, stimulating the production of collagen fibers, elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid and counteracting the action of enzymes that degrade them;

- moreover, it carries out an intense antioxidant action, protecting cells from free radicals which are formed due to UV rays.