Who we are

Greenlab Heliciculture was born in 2019, after various studies the decision was to focus on something innovative but which at the same time respected nature ; snail farming is the perfect combination.
To make this activity 100% eco-sustainable we have obtained organic certification thus avoiding the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides and we are committed day after day to improving the well-being of our snails; only with healthy animals can we obtain a high quality raw material.
The famous snail slime has infinite beneficial properties, being rich in collagen, elastin, peptides, proteins, glycolic acid, vitamins A, C and E: it has healing properties, in fact it promotes wound repair and slows down skin aging , it has anti-wrinkle properties as it stimulates the production of elastic fibers ; it has a purifying and anti-acne effect and thanks to vitamin C it is an antioxidant .
So we asked ourselves: Why look in chemicals for what you can get from nature?
This is why we decided to create a skin care line with our snail slime as the main ingredient of the formulations.
We use an innovative method for the extraction of this secretion, completely manual and cruelty free and by having our raw material analyzed at the University of Siena we have had exceptional feedback on the quality and high quantity of active ingredients compared to burrs extracted with machinery.
What are you waiting for then? Discover our products.

The difference is in the raw material.

Unlike most other companies that carry out the extraction with machinery that stresses the snails until they die in the following days, our method is fully manual ; after having purged for 3 to 6 months, the snails are manually stimulated for a few seconds and then reintroduced into the farm. In this way we get a lot of secretion richer in active ingredients without causing any harm to the animal ;

Our burr is certified organic like our snails and obtained methodically Crueltyfree .