Elisir di Giovinezza!

Elixir of Youth!

Snail slime has, as far as the skin is concerned, these properties:

  • hydrates and improves skin elasticity;

  • counteracts the development of skin infections and has a deep purifying and exfoliating action, useful for fighting acne and face spots;

  • it is soothing, protective and healing;

  • defends the skin from environmental pollution and contrasts photo-aging;

  • performs an antiaging action;

  • stimulates skin regenerative processes after wound healing, counteracting the formation of scars;

  • prevents the formation of stretch marks;

Our products are formulated with percentages of burr ranging from 80 to 93% , the latter extracted by hand cruelty free without harming the animal; in this way we are able to obtain a secretion much richer in active ingredients without adding any chemical stimulant.
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