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Moisturizing anti-aging day face cream - Eliminates blemishes and smoothes wrinkles

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A good habit for the hydration and youth of your face, our cream contains snail slime in very high percentages (over 82%).

Creamy emulsion with a soft and light texture formulated with pure snail slime to which selected active ingredients have been added such as deanol, arginine, vitamin E+C+F, macadamia oil, argan oil, lipoic acid, almond oil.
50ml format.

Daily use of the cream gives:

    • ✅ Deep hydration
    • ✅ Cell regeneration
    • ✅ Increased elasticity
    • ✅ Disappearance of spots and scars
    • ✅ Contrasts the signs of time
    • ✅ Regenerating action for the tissues
By applying the cream daily, you will obtain very hydrated, nourished and elastic skin from the very first applications; the very high percentages of snail slime present will allow you to eliminate any skin spots present, smooth out wrinkles and cure redness and dryness .
Excellent for treating xerosis, dryness, dermatitis, acne and its scars . Being very soothing, it is excellent when used as an aftershave for sensitive skin.

In the morning, apply a drop of cream on the forehead, cheeks and neck and massage gently. For an even more satisfying effect, apply the Gaia moisturizing face serum in the same way before the cream.

Main ingredient

-Pure organic snail slime, manually extracted with a cruelty-free method, without harming the animal.


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